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IT’S PAR 4 THE COURSE is designed to teach golfers of all ages an easy method to learn a very challenging game.  It’s no secret that the more time you spend learning, the better you will become. As a better player, you will have more fun golfing.

That’s why we keep the cost as reasonable as possible, so you can learn.

With one-on-one lessons you will improve your posture, muscular strength, flexibility, and endurance. Members learn specific ball exercises, using light weights and a stability ball, to improve performance and golf swing.

The most difficult shot for a player is hitting the ball over water. Once you learn the mental approach needed to play, it will no longer be a stressful shot. 

IT’S PAR 4 THE COURSE shows members how to enhance the best parts of their golf swing to get the ball in flight and land on target. Members are taught course management and a philosophical approach to golf that will reduce stress levels.